Tying Tips – The Squirmy Wormy

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The rivers here in the West are outrageously high, and just about every piece of water is blown out in some fashion or another. That obviously makes fishing difficult, but there’s one fly that’s chronically overlooked when fishing high water – the San Juan Worm.

Yeah, yeah, it’s not a fly. But guess what? It catches fish. It caught the fish in the photo at the top of this post.

I was raised a dry-fly purist like Norman MacLean (my grandfather tied commercially for 27 years) and even I’m fully on board the worm train.

Now, the squirmy wormy is an improvement on the San Juan in many different ways and it’s widely used on the competitive fly fishing circuit. In this video, Devin Olsen of Tactical Fly Fisher and Fly Fishing Team USA shows us how to tie this incredibly effective fly.

Do you like the worm? Do you have a favorite pattern? Let us know below in the comments.