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whitefish from green river

In Praise of Whitefish

“Rocky Mountain Bone Fish”, “Ghost Trout”, “Smokies”. They shit in your boat, slime up your hands, smell funky and destroy good flies. Yet I must admit I love whitefish. Judge me all you want...

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provo river fishing report header image

Provo River 7- 17 – 17

Provo River Fishing Report 7/17/17 The latest Provo River fishing report is good! Flows are down and the green drakes are hatching in abundance. The Middle Provo has more drake activity than the Lower,...

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adams dry fly fly tying

Tying Flies: An Angler’s Rabbit Hole

I recently posted pictures of several flies I tied to a Facebook group that I belong to, partly because I enjoy sharing what I’ve recently tied and partly to dilute the never-ending ice fishing...

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Gear Review: Does the Orvis Recon Earn the Hype?

Gear reviews here at TMTB are organized in a specific way. There’s always an overview section to give you a quick rundown of the gear, its value, and whether it’s earned the TMTB Seal...

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